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Who I Am?!

Talking and listening about other people is very easy for us but when we want to express and describe ourselves our tongue doesn’t move and our thinking doesn’t work.

In fact, we know everything about ourselves, but we don’t know all of them because we think that is our private and secret life.

It is very hard for me to describe my inside life if they are my private life because I don’t want to speak about it with other. I think other isn’t in my situation and my feeling to can help me in something I need to help.

However, I have my idea for living, thinking, behavior and rule and I speak about those subject very much, and sometime I try to encourage people to follow my rule and way for living.

I try to help people if I can. I don’t know form where I should start; maybe it’s better to start from some memory of my childhood.

I remember when I was in the first decade of my life every person who asked me about my future, I have said “I want to be Friday prayer”.If you paid attention to my word, I said “Friday prayer” not Imam of Prayer it’s mean “Imam Jama’at”.

I don’t remember my idea about this, but I think I felt into this memory, and I can’t forget it. When I was fourteen years I registered to religion school, and I was very happy and great full. This happiness reduces daily because when grow up, I saw some ideas and behaviors that aren’t intellectual.

This happiness reduces to alter the gloomy day because I understand I can’t stand those dogmatism ideas. My thinking was very different from some ideas were in that day, and those govern Hoze “religion school”.

I think religions school hasn’t had an obviously plan for learning. I think the bosses of it don’t know what they want. The killing of talent is a big problem of it, and I think many of my times were used up in that program and plan.

History And thinking

I don’t know how I can express my sense; I am full of sad and depressing because I saw the historian move and in that we can find many mysteries in the history because you face some events are impressed you.

I have been watching Mokhtar’s serial and this sad and gloomy sense is for some happen I feel it in the history in that time. I think there are many different between read, watch and feel.

My writing isn’t about move it self, I write about the history, the people who live in that time, the people who promise and break it immediately with a funny excuse.

Obviously, we can’t find any word or sentence in that we display the face of Kofe people, the people who are conspicuous in the history of Islam especially in the Shi’a.

When I saw the Moslem Ibn Aghile walked in the street and his follower run away I understand the basic event occur in that time.

The history helps us to know many things and in this knowing we try to put our shoes in their shoes, we try to examine our self with this. We think if we were in that time what we do.

This thinking and feeling tell us we don’t agree with them and if we were in that time absolutely we would do better but we should think carefully about this because we live in this time and have our knowledge that they didn’t have, and many things like this can affect our thinking.

This is true, but I think the love don’t have a time I mean we can’t say the effect of love is different in every time. I think the problem of that people wasn’t the time and situation or something like that. The big problem was none knowledge of Imam.

They didn’t recognize Imam, they just think they know Iman, they were just assertive. They always thought to their benefit, they follow Imam for their profit.

It is shame for history of world that there were some honest, good, intelligent and… persons and have lived and they have been killed by some stupid people. In our history we can find many stupid people how kill very good person for his benefit.


The Human’s Ability

Nobody has discovered the ability of human yet. Everybody saw many things in their environment in that they are very interested, impressed and admired.

If you listen carefully to voice that are around you, you can know many of them about some mystery of human’s ability. For example about the power of human’s eye you have heard many interesting thing and some funny behavior against it and you see some people who are afraid of this power of human.

I don’t want to tell you about this event or thinking is true or not but I tell you they are exist and many people live base of those belief.

You know I said something about human’s power or ability to point the experiment and research show that the human can do everything s/he wants but the wanting of human is very different and complex insofar as we can divide people base this.

Human should know they can feel victory and achievement in every time in every work s/he understand can do that work. I think this is very important in human’s victory live.

I’m sure I’m not optimistic because my word reality events and things base human mind I mean some events that aren’t impossible for example I don’t speak about a person who is mutilate mount a mountain or person who is blond can do anything as good as other do.

The Human's AbilityHowever, when  I think and back to memory about my hearing, I understand we can’t bind or limit the ability and power of human because I remember some happened many people may be all of people believe that is impossible but occur.

I don’t know how can I express and define the human’s ability, but I know every person feel and maybe have some experience about this.

I know I’m far from my subject, and if I want to write about this, I can tell you anything in my mind but I should back to my subject that I wanted to write. Anyway my introduction isn’t so far from my subject.

The ability of learning language is so common subject in the world. Because today the world is like a city, and if you want to have a relation to other people who lives in this city you should know how you can have relation.

I think we have two opinions for language. One of them is we live in the world’s word and other is the world’s word is in our world.

In addition some scientists believe the words have to be. It’s mean they are alive and their living is one side of our life.

There are many ideas about word and language and many scientists have written many books about this subject and all of them have their special way about world and language.


we apologize for behavior of your follower

I don’t know what we should tell to Christians or why they have done like this action because, that’s such a shame.

Everybody how have a little information about Islam knows that the Christ is a holly man for us and Islam has accepted Christians and it called Christ one of the most important prophet and it order to Muslims to respect  to Christ.

As I have pointed out, the Christ, Moses, Abraham and all of the prophets Abraham are some part of history of Islam and the Quran that is the important book of Islam and holly book is talk about them very much. As you know, you can find the story of those prophets in Quran.

However, I don’t understand this animosity against Islam. They always do something like this, they always wanted to be called enemy by Muslims. It is true that they have some normal or realistic people who see kindly and friendly to Muslims but I think they are sin too, because when some of Christian’s people have insulted they are calm and they prefer not to say anything.

It is a long time those contumelies occur on the world but isn’t supported by church. If you read history you can find those. But most of them aren’t public or aren’t in the media.

When the clergyman of Church invites people to burn Quran in the media he doesn’t think about their act. I don’t know how they have done some think like this and expect Muslim people to respect them. They are so crazy because they burn themselves and wanted not to burn.

It is clearly, the Christ who is called peace prophet doesn’t agree with those inimical and abusive behaviors because they aren’t according to his way to receive God. He is a kind man and always enjoins his follower to be kind with other people.

When I heard this happened I remember our letter to Christ that was about the behaviors of Christians. We think we they understand we wrote a letter to their prophet maybe they were embarrassed but everybody knows that it isn’t except wrong dream.

I think we should complain about those behaviors to Christ maybe if we apologize to Christ because I think he is angry and shame about behavior of his follower to God and our prophet Mohammad it will be better.

Without any doubt with this behavior and action, we don’t have a good word because if everyone insults other he can’t expect regard and respect from them and the world without respect is the world without human and humanity like forest.


The God Month,The Forgiveness Month

You know when I think about God, who is defined in Islam, I understand he always supports the human. I believe God in Islam wanted to say people they shouldn’t be disappointed, because he gives them an opportunity to fix themselves and back to normal life.

It seems as if he provides for people best thing if they want. He invites people to repent of their sins and became clear for instant, he invites us to speak with him on Friday night because he likes that time, and he is waiting for people to listen to his speak.

Broadly speaking he chooses some month of a year for forgiveness. The value of times in those months is very high insofar as even the breathing in those times is adoration if you abstain from eating and some bad behaviors that he says.

shaban_wallpaper_455x341 No matter, how quantity sin you do for Gad, the important thing for God is your deciding for not to do some sins and bad behavior that bather other people. You can’t think I sin after that I want God to forgive me because in this idea are some mistakes.
No doubt as you Know, Gad actually knows your Idea because his knowledge includes all of our knowledge. Because of this when you want to be forgiven by God after you sin, you should know that you sin while you have known God doesn’t like that act or behavior. In deed in that situation if you expect God to forgive you, you will be crazy.
The point is that whoever can promise you, you can repent if you sin. Maybe you die after you sin and don’t have any time to repent, maybe you want to postpone after another sin and this way continue to die.
This is an important issue, and I don’t want to explain this subject I want to say one of the important months in Isalm is Sha’aban that be called Mohammad’s month. The prophet said Sha’aban is my month and Ramadan is God month whoever fast in this month he will be interceded by me.

On the other hand in it occur some important and good happen for example some of our Imam bore in it that one of them is our alive Imam who is twelve Imam who are hidden from us and when Gad let him he come back and guide people.


The Situation Of Imam Ali

When I want to write about Imam Ali, I confuse what I can write about him, or how I can define him.

I don’t know whether I write about his generosity or bravery or kindness or many good behaviors he had.

Some people think he was God and I know they have mistaken but sometimes I think if their proof is based on Saint Anselm’s proof for God’s existence(Persian + + + ) it wouldn’t be bad or corrupt thinking because I agree with them in some part of their theory.

Obviously, this theory was created by people who think Imam Ali was best man in that period and actually in the world. They believe everybody can see all of goodness or good behavior in him because of this, he is a superior thing in the world.

In fact, they think the superior thing in the world is funded by them and why they look at that. They take him and Imam Ali is deified by them as God.

Imam Ali

However, I agree with first part of their proof because I think we can’t find any person like Ali in the world before he or after. This theory is acknowledged by whoever read something about Imam Ali or know him.

I think those people don’t know Imam ALi’s God. They don’t read his speaking and  invocation  with his God in his Camille’s prayer and something like that. When I read his  invocation,  I confuse how somebody can speak with good in that style. I like it very well, and it can change  me. When I feel I am wandering off from God way I actually read it.

I like Imam Ali very well insofar as I can’t explain. I know I amn’t a good man, and I have taken many mistake and his situation is far from us and everybody but I actually know he is very kindness when everybody like him, he like.

As a result I should say many people say Imam Ali isn’t described by word all of people in the world collect to write all of his kindness, they wouldn’t succeed because his kindness is more than the world.


Imam hussein

I don’t know whether you understand something or some event happened that you can’t explain it you can’t describe it because that event or that idea is very big and the word can’t stand it and that mean or happened doesn’t support with word or sentence.

For example you can image someone that he or she forgives his or her food to other while he or she doesn’t eat anything during 3 days or 4 days. I think everybody are congruent to me that act isn’t just forgiving because that man or woman forgives something that himself or herself need to it that remit is highly and because of this you can’t explain that act.

Shiite believe we have some especially man that they can’t explain them (that they called them Imam) because their act and actually their good act isn’t explained with word. For example they always help people this act is became in historical books many time. I don’t if you are accept that they forgive all of their money to other that they didn’t know them or not but they did.

Imam Hussein is third Imam who the Shiite love him very much because they believe that he immolated himself for religion.

Imam Hussein is symbol of freedom ,sacrifice , bravery .

this are some site you know this Imam more

Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali Sayyidu’sh-Shuhada

Imam Hussain

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The Oxford Companion to Philosophy

I want to introduce philosophical book but this book are very important for every student who study at this filed.

I don’t know whether you have already seen or read some philosophical word you don’t understand the mean of that word?

Do you know in that case what kind of books you need?

Yes, I want to introduce philosophical dictionary book.

This book help us to understand many words the philosophers used in their word and text and they help us to bring into clear view. But whose clear view?

This book that is very important and very general and mainly is The Oxford Companion to Philosophy that was edited by Ted Honderich.
This book includes about 2300 pages in that pages explain many words with easy and intelligible sentences and words.

This book cannot include all of the histories of philosophy in other languages than English, but they tried to do it.

We can see in some paragraph of introduction in this book:
The brave, large aim of this book is to bring philosophy together between two covers better than ever before. That is not a job for one man, or one woman, or a few, or a team, although it is tried often enough. So 249 of us have joined forces.

In the ending of explanation of word, this book suggests you if you want to know more to see some book in that book there is more information about that word.
But I think that the word in this book was explained enough because some time some words was explained about 10 pages.

Although I believe that we need it very much and suggest you to have at least the Pdf of this book in your computer because it is free and you can take me.

Everyone can download it and other book in this site.


Iranian cultural

When some student went to European country like France and England they learned some new things. They learned how should be talk to people and what things they should say to people.

I think many of them were liberal they saw and read many things about freedom and they saw the people lived without imperial, religion and their life was good. They saw the modern in that period and learned that and shift that thought to Iran.

The people of Iran in that period lived by traditional etiquette and they didn’t anything about modern life. They did their act respondent to their traditional thought and the modern life didn’t match with that act. It had a different way to do.

When the modernist has came to Iran it changed many Iranian cultural. For example it changed the customary of clothing. The people in that period have already worn loge clothe as their coats or shirts were to upper knee and they didn’t wear T-shirt the even the women have already discovered her face.

Although other factor cause to changed Iranian etiquette but this topic (thought modern) was very important for this change. The Iranian customary and taboo and table manner were changed after that.

But this change didn’t happen immediate because the people first didn’t accept modern because they believed to their customary and Islam very much. There were many men that the people accepted them and did something they said they didn’t accept modern and said to people “it is opposite Islam” and something like this and the people accepted.

If someone read history of Iran he should be blind if they did understand the changing of Iranian cultural. Iranian people forgot many taboo and etiquette transitional and the impolite and offensive was changed and they accepted this change and lived with it and some time they tried to do it.

I ‘m sorry for our, for Iranian culture because in this period we are just imitator to other country and culture without thinking about this any time. I’m very sorry for our, because we were national that our ancestors be culture maker they always didn’t imitator rather other national imitated Iranian cultural.


Bring Back Some extinct animal!

A time the people thought many things that they image it is a just dream and Illusion but we now see and feel many things of those dream.

For example we can fly now but in past they thing it is a dream and we can talk together although we aren’t in one place or we can see together although we aren’t near together.

Because of this we can’t say strongly something that we dream it is a just dream and we can’t obtain it.

I choose a article for last lecture Previous term and read in that topic something about bring back the woolly mammoth I thing for first it is a dream but I read in that article the scientists try that.

They think it is a possible because some extinct animals that there are now some animals like them we can bring back them by this animal.

For example the elephant is like woolly mammoth and we can by this bring back the woolly mammoth just we need the DAN of it.

Some scientists found in 2005 a Frozen mammoth that they could get of that the DAN after that they try to do it and they study about this carefully.

They can bore some woolly mammoth by 2 methods but they died after a few day because they were very weak and frail.

The question is if they can do it, are they can provide some place for them to live in that or not. They live when the earth was very cold but now it is a warm.

Are the scientists can provide some cold place for them in warm earth or they can change that animal to live in this earth.

Just we should wait.

you can