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tourism country

The Kingdom of Thailand is in southeastern of Asia. It was named before 1939 to Siam and after that time was changed to Thailand.

Many people that live in this country are Thai’s nation and it mean in Thai is freedom.
Bangkok is the capital of it.

The Thai language is spoken in Thailand. And the Buddhist is believed by majority people in this country and Muslem after Buddhist is the popular religions.

Something is exported by this country like sea product, cars, computer to us, Japan, China and other country.

Some basic products like staple and gas are imported from us, China, Malaysia and other country.

The foods are cooked with five fundamental tastes: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. The garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, and fish are used in cuisine.

Rugby and golf are played in this country very much and golf is a most popular sport for Thai people and it is called the Golf Capital of Asia.

Taboos in Thailand include touching someone’s head or pointing with the feet, as the head is considered the most sacred and the foot the dirtiest part of the body.

Thailand is a tourism country and the tourists are brought by many tourism company.
There are in this country many visual location like ancient place, beautiful place, green place and so on that the men enjoy when see them.

The flag of Thailand was created with three color white, blue, red.

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my frist class

My Masters level course started yesterday with Greece philosophy class. My professor was Mr. Kalbasi. He said to us I have taught this topic about 15 years. He said I don’t like to teach this topic if my best friend Mr. Navab didn’t talk me, because I am very busy.

I was surprised when He talk about philosophy in this level and talk about (what do you do by philosophy?).

I wasn’t anticipation my professor in this level talked about this subject but he talked to it about 90 minute.

He believed Plato city and like it very much. He said in that city the station of everything is definite. He believed philosophy government. my mean is he believed the philosophers should be government and they should conduct the country.

The people are indebted to the Greece culture because they were first people that could write the new system for government and they thought about many thing and wrote it and they started thinking about world.

There are many books and text that they remain of them.


some method for remembering

I had a lecture yesterday and my lecture was about mind and memory. I had to spoke according unit 11 chapter 2 in active book 3. The title of that unit was (word to remember).

There are many opinions about memory and main and many ways for remembering or recalling but there isn’t a way that it is good for every one because the heuman is very different than the one way isn’t good for all.

However some way sometime is good for someone but it isn’t good for the other one because of this you should read many way and choose a way that it is good for you, it is respondent your personality that you can stand that way and like that.
This unit talk about how can you save a lot word?
It suggests you by some method to save them better.

۱٫ The method of loci
I think we know our mind and our memory is imaging. My purpose is the picture always save in our memories easiest. For example if you think few minute you understand you can remember a lot of picture in few second whit out difficulty.
if you want remember a lot of word you should save the words with some picture for example for the word tremendous you visualize dinosaur and repeat this picture and word you are sure this word isn’t forgotten.

۲٫ The grouping method
you should create some group of word and put the words have a similar. For example you can create a group with something you write or something you read or something you listen and put some word that they have that similar and save them.
by this way you can save a lot of similar word.

۳٫ The method of vivid associations
I think this method like method one because in this method you have to save a word with an image but in this method the image should be lively or vivid
for example if you want to save the meaning of tremendous you can link it with tremendously man or large tree

Finally is that you can remember a lot of word with those method but all of those depend your trying and your learning style.
If those method aren’t good for you try to find other method or way for saving and remembering.
I hope to give you some way for remembering and teach you something that it is good for you and it is consequent for you.



I have registered this weblog because I want to write something for myself and some my idea about evry thing for example art, philosophy, philosophy, politic, moral ityand so on.
I hope I can continue this writing.