Bring Back Some extinct animal!

A time the people thought many things that they image it is a just dream and Illusion but we now see and feel many things of those dream.

For example we can fly now but in past they thing it is a dream and we can talk together although we aren’t in one place or we can see together although we aren’t near together.

Because of this we can’t say strongly something that we dream it is a just dream and we can’t obtain it.

I choose a article for last lecture Previous term and read in that topic something about bring back the woolly mammoth I thing for first it is a dream but I read in that article the scientists try that.

They think it is a possible because some extinct animals that there are now some animals like them we can bring back them by this animal.

For example the elephant is like woolly mammoth and we can by this bring back the woolly mammoth just we need the DAN of it.

Some scientists found in 2005 a Frozen mammoth that they could get of that the DAN after that they try to do it and they study about this carefully.

They can bore some woolly mammoth by 2 methods but they died after a few day because they were very weak and frail.

The question is if they can do it, are they can provide some place for them to live in that or not. They live when the earth was very cold but now it is a warm.

Are the scientists can provide some cold place for them in warm earth or they can change that animal to live in this earth.

Just we should wait.

you can

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