Iranian cultural

When some student went to European country like France and England they learned some new things. They learned how should be talk to people and what things they should say to people.

I think many of them were liberal they saw and read many things about freedom and they saw the people lived without imperial, religion and their life was good. They saw the modern in that period and learned that and shift that thought to Iran.

The people of Iran in that period lived by traditional etiquette and they didn’t anything about modern life. They did their act respondent to their traditional thought and the modern life didn’t match with that act. It had a different way to do.

When the modernist has came to Iran it changed many Iranian cultural. For example it changed the customary of clothing. The people in that period have already worn loge clothe as their coats or shirts were to upper knee and they didn’t wear T-shirt the even the women have already discovered her face.

Although other factor cause to changed Iranian etiquette but this topic (thought modern) was very important for this change. The Iranian customary and taboo and table manner were changed after that.

But this change didn’t happen immediate because the people first didn’t accept modern because they believed to their customary and Islam very much. There were many men that the people accepted them and did something they said they didn’t accept modern and said to people “it is opposite Islam” and something like this and the people accepted.

If someone read history of Iran he should be blind if they did understand the changing of Iranian cultural. Iranian people forgot many taboo and etiquette transitional and the impolite and offensive was changed and they accepted this change and lived with it and some time they tried to do it.

I ‘m sorry for our, for Iranian culture because in this period we are just imitator to other country and culture without thinking about this any time. I’m very sorry for our, because we were national that our ancestors be culture maker they always didn’t imitator rather other national imitated Iranian cultural.

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