Imam hussein

I don’t know whether you understand something or some event happened that you can’t explain it you can’t describe it because that event or that idea is very big and the word can’t stand it and that mean or happened doesn’t support with word or sentence.

For example you can image someone that he or she forgives his or her food to other while he or she doesn’t eat anything during 3 days or 4 days. I think everybody are congruent to me that act isn’t just forgiving because that man or woman forgives something that himself or herself need to it that remit is highly and because of this you can’t explain that act.

Shiite believe we have some especially man that they can’t explain them (that they called them Imam) because their act and actually their good act isn’t explained with word. For example they always help people this act is became in historical books many time. I don’t if you are accept that they forgive all of their money to other that they didn’t know them or not but they did.

Imam Hussein is third Imam who the Shiite love him very much because they believe that he immolated himself for religion.

Imam Hussein is symbol of freedom ,sacrifice , bravery .

this are some site you know this Imam more

Al-Husayn ibn ‘Ali Sayyidu’sh-Shuhada

Imam Hussain

Imam Hussain Revolution, Mazloom Hussain (A.S.), Understand …

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