The God Month,The Forgiveness Month

You know when I think about God, who is defined in Islam, I understand he always supports the human. I believe God in Islam wanted to say people they shouldn’t be disappointed, because he gives them an opportunity to fix themselves and back to normal life.

It seems as if he provides for people best thing if they want. He invites people to repent of their sins and became clear for instant, he invites us to speak with him on Friday night because he likes that time, and he is waiting for people to listen to his speak.

Broadly speaking he chooses some month of a year for forgiveness. The value of times in those months is very high insofar as even the breathing in those times is adoration if you abstain from eating and some bad behaviors that he says.

shaban_wallpaper_455x341 No matter, how quantity sin you do for Gad, the important thing for God is your deciding for not to do some sins and bad behavior that bather other people. You can’t think I sin after that I want God to forgive me because in this idea are some mistakes.
No doubt as you Know, Gad actually knows your Idea because his knowledge includes all of our knowledge. Because of this when you want to be forgiven by God after you sin, you should know that you sin while you have known God doesn’t like that act or behavior. In deed in that situation if you expect God to forgive you, you will be crazy.
The point is that whoever can promise you, you can repent if you sin. Maybe you die after you sin and don’t have any time to repent, maybe you want to postpone after another sin and this way continue to die.
This is an important issue, and I don’t want to explain this subject I want to say one of the important months in Isalm is Sha’aban that be called Mohammad’s month. The prophet said Sha’aban is my month and Ramadan is God month whoever fast in this month he will be interceded by me.

On the other hand in it occur some important and good happen for example some of our Imam bore in it that one of them is our alive Imam who is twelve Imam who are hidden from us and when Gad let him he come back and guide people.

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3 Responses to “ The God Month,The Forgiveness Month ”

  1. Kosar says:

    It was a good mention.
    About the 2nd paragraph, did you mean the “Eve Friday”?

  2. naomid says:

    همیشه میگفتم چقدر مردن خوب است… چقدر مردن در این زمان که نیکی،پست و حقیر است خوب است…!!

  3. Mammie says:

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