we apologize for behavior of your follower

I don’t know what we should tell to Christians or why they have done like this action because, that’s such a shame.

Everybody how have a little information about Islam knows that the Christ is a holly man for us and Islam has accepted Christians and it called Christ one of the most important prophet and it order to Muslims to respect  to Christ.

As I have pointed out, the Christ, Moses, Abraham and all of the prophets Abraham are some part of history of Islam and the Quran that is the important book of Islam and holly book is talk about them very much. As you know, you can find the story of those prophets in Quran.

However, I don’t understand this animosity against Islam. They always do something like this, they always wanted to be called enemy by Muslims. It is true that they have some normal or realistic people who see kindly and friendly to Muslims but I think they are sin too, because when some of Christian’s people have insulted they are calm and they prefer not to say anything.

It is a long time those contumelies occur on the world but isn’t supported by church. If you read history you can find those. But most of them aren’t public or aren’t in the media.

When the clergyman of Church invites people to burn Quran in the media he doesn’t think about their act. I don’t know how they have done some think like this and expect Muslim people to respect them. They are so crazy because they burn themselves and wanted not to burn.

It is clearly, the Christ who is called peace prophet doesn’t agree with those inimical and abusive behaviors because they aren’t according to his way to receive God. He is a kind man and always enjoins his follower to be kind with other people.

When I heard this happened I remember our letter to Christ that was about the behaviors of Christians. We think we they understand we wrote a letter to their prophet maybe they were embarrassed but everybody knows that it isn’t except wrong dream.

I think we should complain about those behaviors to Christ maybe if we apologize to Christ because I think he is angry and shame about behavior of his follower to God and our prophet Mohammad it will be better.

Without any doubt with this behavior and action, we don’t have a good word because if everyone insults other he can’t expect regard and respect from them and the world without respect is the world without human and humanity like forest.