Who I Am?!

Talking and listening about other people is very easy for us but when we want to express and describe ourselves our tongue doesn’t move and our thinking doesn’t work.

In fact, we know everything about ourselves, but we don’t know all of them because we think that is our private and secret life.

It is very hard for me to describe my inside life if they are my private life because I don’t want to speak about it with other. I think other isn’t in my situation and my feeling to can help me in something I need to help.

However, I have my idea for living, thinking, behavior and rule and I speak about those subject very much, and sometime I try to encourage people to follow my rule and way for living.

I try to help people if I can. I don’t know form where I should start; maybe it’s better to start from some memory of my childhood.

I remember when I was in the first decade of my life every person who asked me about my future, I have said “I want to be Friday prayer”.If you paid attention to my word, I said “Friday prayer” not Imam of Prayer it’s mean “Imam Jama’at”.

I don’t remember my idea about this, but I think I felt into this memory, and I can’t forget it. When I was fourteen years I registered to religion school, and I was very happy and great full. This happiness reduces daily because when grow up, I saw some ideas and behaviors that aren’t intellectual.

This happiness reduces to alter the gloomy day because I understand I can’t stand those dogmatism ideas. My thinking was very different from some ideas were in that day, and those govern Hoze “religion school”.

I think religions school hasn’t had an obviously plan for learning. I think the bosses of it don’t know what they want. The killing of talent is a big problem of it, and I think many of my times were used up in that program and plan.

One response to “ Who I Am?! ”

  1. علی says:

    I though you were crazy sometime
    but now
    I know you’re very very d…

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