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History And thinking

I don’t know how I can express my sense; I am full of sad and depressing because I saw the historian move and in that we can find many mysteries in the history because you face some events are impressed you.

I have been watching Mokhtar’s serial and this sad and gloomy sense is for some happen I feel it in the history in that time. I think there are many different between read, watch and feel.

My writing isn’t about move it self, I write about the history, the people who live in that time, the people who promise and break it immediately with a funny excuse.

Obviously, we can’t find any word or sentence in that we display the face of Kofe people, the people who are conspicuous in the history of Islam especially in the Shi’a.

When I saw the Moslem Ibn Aghile walked in the street and his follower run away I understand the basic event occur in that time.

The history helps us to know many things and in this knowing we try to put our shoes in their shoes, we try to examine our self with this. We think if we were in that time what we do.

This thinking and feeling tell us we don’t agree with them and if we were in that time absolutely we would do better but we should think carefully about this because we live in this time and have our knowledge that they didn’t have, and many things like this can affect our thinking.

This is true, but I think the love don’t have a time I mean we can’t say the effect of love is different in every time. I think the problem of that people wasn’t the time and situation or something like that. The big problem was none knowledge of Imam.

They didn’t recognize Imam, they just think they know Iman, they were just assertive. They always thought to their benefit, they follow Imam for their profit.

It is shame for history of world that there were some honest, good, intelligent and… persons and have lived and they have been killed by some stupid people. In our history we can find many stupid people how kill very good person for his benefit.