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The Situation Of Imam Ali

When I want to write about Imam Ali, I confuse what I can write about him, or how I can define him.

I don’t know whether I write about his generosity or bravery or kindness or many good behaviors he had.

Some people think he was God and I know they have mistaken but sometimes I think if their proof is based on Saint Anselm’s proof for God’s existence(Persian + + + ) it wouldn’t be bad or corrupt thinking because I agree with them in some part of their theory.

Obviously, this theory was created by people who think Imam Ali was best man in that period and actually in the world. They believe everybody can see all of goodness or good behavior in him because of this, he is a superior thing in the world.

In fact, they think the superior thing in the world is funded by them and why they look at that. They take him and Imam Ali is deified by them as God.

Imam Ali

However, I agree with first part of their proof because I think we can’t find any person like Ali in the world before he or after. This theory is acknowledged by whoever read something about Imam Ali or know him.

I think those people don’t know Imam ALi’s God. They don’t read his speaking and  invocation  with his God in his Camille’s prayer and something like that. When I read his  invocation,  I confuse how somebody can speak with good in that style. I like it very well, and it can change  me. When I feel I am wandering off from God way I actually read it.

I like Imam Ali very well insofar as I can’t explain. I know I amn’t a good man, and I have taken many mistake and his situation is far from us and everybody but I actually know he is very kindness when everybody like him, he like.

As a result I should say many people say Imam Ali isn’t described by word all of people in the world collect to write all of his kindness, they wouldn’t succeed because his kindness is more than the world.